Guide: How to open a clinic

Welcome to Holiadvice, digital multi-disciplinary clinics for Complementary and Integrative Medicine.

Using this guide, you will know step by step how to:

• Understand how Holiadvice meets your area for expertise.

• How to open a practitioner account

• How to open a digital clinic and prepare it for treatment.

Understand how Holiadvice meets my area for expertise

Telemedicine is used in Western medicine for several years. Telemedicine systems have been developed for a wide range of expertise such as primary care, psychiatry, psychology, consulting in various medical specialties, employee health management, exercise and more. There are appropriate treatment protocols in different kinds of therapy but these do not yet exist in holistic medicine. Holiadvice will lead to the development of these protocols to allow practitioners to get a general framework for the provision of remote medical treatment. The protocols will include the entire chain of care and will be developed with the practitioners themselves.

Digital Clinic is a digital asset used by the practitioners in several forms

1. Consulting: Practitioner can consult in any field, like primary care , integrative medicine practitioners can also advise in their field of expertise. Many are already doing so by e-mail, Skype, and in different chat software. Holiadvice's advantage, is that it allows isolating the environment of the treatment and give the patient and the practitioner to a dedicated setting. This is the digital equivalent of a physical clinic. Practitioners can consult in many cases, even if his or hers field of expertise combines physical therapy. Traditional Chinese medicine practitioner, Indian medicine, Tibetan, psychotherapist, energetic therapist and others can provide an initial consultation or ongoing one.

2. The clinic, diagnosis and treatment: Holiadvice provides digital diagnosed using two tools, chat without a camera and chat via video. As the system evolves, we will add digital tools for diagnose and treatment.

3. Tracking: One of the great advantages of telemedicine is the ability to track the patient even if it does not come to the clinic. Telemedicine proven effective in managing chronic diseases, emotional support, guidance process, personal training and more. Even if there was a frontal meeting, the following sessions can be continued using the digital clinic. The digital contact is significantly helpful for patients.

Opening a practitioner account

1. Log on to where you will find in the right top of the page a "sign in" button

2. Click on the link: sign up

3. Select practitioner and fill out your information and sign up. Before signing in please review the terms of service and privacy policy.

4. After signing up you will receive an email with a link to activate your account Remember: the account will not be activated until you verify your email address. This is to ensure the authenticity of the registrant.

5. Access your mail box, click on the link to activate your account, type your e-mail address and password, and open a clinic.

Opening a digital Clinic and prepare it for treatment

1. After you have successfully logged in you will be directed straight to your clinic. Click the Edit button and prepare your clinic.

2. Fill up all fields, all fields are required.

3. Upload a profile photo.

4. Fill in the information about the clinic.

How do patients know that I have a virtual clinic?

Send an email to and ask for your virtual clinic logo and put it on your website or Facebook page